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The Most Dangerous Cities in The World

Here  the  most dangerous cities in the world are described in ascending order.It’s now easier than ever to visit far off places around the world. Some places, however, are not visited due to dangerous conditions. Certain  worst drug cities in the world  are not desirable tourist destinations. If you want to go at such a places then in any of critical circumstances you will be responsible for your self.


This is the capital city of Venezuela and it is now  days facing a crisis involving drug gangs. Street crimes are increasing day by day in this city such as theft and plundering .the economy is effecting very badly these circumstances leads to an undesirable destination for most tourists

 dangerous cities in the world


Maxico a very big city but now it is is in the list of  the most dangerous cities in the world ,is also under the threats of trafficking groups and the violent cities include Ciudad Juarez.Crime rates are higher in this city because a large population lives there but police is trying to overcome this problem.

 u dangerous cities in the world

Cape Town, South Africa

Due to the prevalence of poverty and social unrest in this city, it is abiding  from an extremely high crime rate.

Many tourist go there to enjoy the beauty of the nature but as we now that poverty and social unrest make its not so much good place to visit .. It is possible to enjoy a visit to this city if you avoid the more dangerous sections and don’t travel alone at night because it is in the hit list of one of the most dangerous cities in the world 2018.

 dangerous cities in the world

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Many cities in Brazil have very high crime rates, and it is not good to visit world’s worst crime cities and some are more dangerous than Rio de Janeiro. Till Rio is that place where more then 1000 of tourists visit but it’s worth plunge on here. Rio is actually safer than it was a decade ago, but street crimes are still happening in many areas, especially at night. one can visit to enjoy the resorts and beaches of this city, but care should must be taken.

 dangerous cities in the world

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Although Guatemala, a Central American nation on the Caribbean, has many tourist attractions, it’s a nation that is engaged with drug violence. It has a high murder rate and other  crimes include street robberies, bus holdups and carjackings. It’s advisable if visiting Guatemala to stay in protective areas and avoid to visit these dangerous cities in the world in Guatemala City.

 dangerous cities in the world

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