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Fun And Top Things To Do In Chicago

Lets explore the fun and top things to do in a Chicago.It is one of the largest city of the U.s which is very popular for its bold architecture.This city is very well known for its renowned museum and art galleries.Whenever you go to a beautiful city like chicago dont forget to visit the attractive and amazing places which makes you pleasing after the visit..

Fun And Top Things To Do In Chicago

 Chicago Picasso

fun and top things to do in a Chicago

Pablo Picasso built this monumental piece of public art for Chicago in the mid-1960s.Locating in Daley Plaza, the Chicago Picasso weighs approximately 147 metric tons and length 15 metres .

Since it was unveiled in 1967, the work, reported to be depict French model Lydia Corbett who sat for a series of Architecture for Picasso in the 1950s, is a beacon for the city and something for kids to clamber on.

Michigan Avenue Bridge

fun and top things to do in a Chicago

The Burnham Plan of 1909 helped shape Chicago’s cityscape, and brought about this trunnion bascule bridge conducting Michigan Avenue over the main branch of the Chicago River.

An official Chicago Landmark, the bridge opened in 1920 and once completed helped spur the flurry of development that gave rise to the Magnificent Mile so it is the another one  fun and top things to do in a Chicago.So don’t forget to visit it by boat.Cold water runs down everywhere in this place so deciding that what to do in Chicago today is now not a problem.One can easily go there.

Second City Chicago

fun and top things to do in a Chicago

An absurd amount of comic talent has come out of Chicago over the last 60 years, and one of the reasons for that is Second City.

This fabled comedy club and improv company on Wells Street counts Steve Carell, Billy Murray, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and John Candy among its alumni.It is the another one fun and top things to do in a Chicago that enjoy the music and dance that has represented by the last 50 years.It is the best thing to go there in night.Comedy club also present there and they also arrange parties for the customers.

Maggie Daley Park

fun and top things to do in a Chicago

Named for a former first lady of the city who died in 2011, Maggie Daley Park is one of Grant Park’s newest treasures.

Laid out by landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, the park opened in the northeast corner of Grant Park 2014 and famous for its recreation and family facilities.

The whimsical Play Garden, for kids up to 12, is a playground like you’ve never seen, with wide variety of different zones like the Watering Hole which has a blue breaching whale, and the Enchanted Forest where you’ll walk under upside down trees . There’s also an ice skating ribbon, a quarter of a mile in length, picnic spots, an 18-hole mini golf course and rock-climbing trees,.

This place is full of fun ,families come there with their friends and relatives and enjoyed to spend time there.Proper eating arrangements are there.So it is the fun and top things to do in a Chicago.

Buckingham Fountain

fun and top things to do in a Chicago

Hewn from Georgia pink marble, the Buckingham Fountain (1927) is one of the largest in the world, standing almost eight metres in length, with nearly 200 jets and a pool measuring 85 metres across.This is a very attractive place for couples.The character of flowing water changes according to the day making it very popular and amazing for the people.

The Rococo design is abstract from the Latona Fountain at Versailles, and is an symbol for Lake Michigan, with four pairs of sea horses serving the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

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