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Facts About Jamaica

Learn some interesting facts about Jamaica the capital of which is Kingston more then 2.8 million people live there which is a very large population.Jamaica is a basically island situated in the Caribbean.Earlier it was estimated that nearly the population was 2.9 million in 2012.More then 1 million people visit to the Jamaica and learn to know the fascinating facts about Jamaica.

 Interesting Facts About Jamaica:

  • Their economy is a mixed economy that focuses on agriculture, tourism, quarry and manufacturing. Over half of Jamaica’s economy comes from tourism.
  • In the late 1990s, Jamaica’s economy suffered and its GDP began falling. Today, they have increasing agricultural manufacturing in order to stabilize their GDP.
  • Jamaica’s specific cultivation exports include bananas, sugar and coffee.
  • Jamaicans mostly drive on the left side of the road.
  • Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Jamaicans eat very large breakfasts, delicious lunches and huge dinners,and it is facts about Jamaican food that
    they eat foods that are native to their country, which includes bananas, seafood, coffee, goat and jerk.
  • The country has greater no of churches then any other country in the world it is the fact about
  • Jamaica religion.
  •  Facts about Jamaica also includes that most of the families in Jamaica are headed by women. The Mothers are responsible for raising the children and supporting their families.
  • It is a tradition to bury the placenta after the delivery of a women. Then, the family will plant a tree in the same place, and people named it the baby’s tree it is another great fact about Jamaican kids
  • Most Jamaicans don’t use modern medicine techniques to cure their peoples. Instead, they believe  on the healing power of food and nature.
  • The fascinating fact about Jamaica flag is that they believe that green color gives strength,yellow gives sunshine and wealth and black color gives them power.
  • During ceremonies, their culture  is to serve dark fruitcake that is prepared with rum.It is very amazing fact about Jamaican culture that includes values ,lifestyles etc . Its served as the main ceremony cake at every Jamaican wedding. when the celebration ends, pieces of cake are delivered  to their relatives and friends who do not come in  the wedding due to some reason.
  • Obeahism is a form of Voodoo that some Jamaicans still believe in. The practice is suggested  to get rid people of evil spirits and bring them good fortune, but if anyone in the country is caught studying or practicing Obeahism then they will be penalize by the law and some people considered it as the bad fact about Jamaica.
  • Facts About Jamaica Facts About Jamaica

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