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Evil Women In The History

Here some of the details about the most famous evil women in the history her name was Elizabeth Bathory, she  was a Hungarian noblewoman, and she was the most vicious and cruel female known to be the serial killer of all time. At the end of the 16th century and starting of the 17th century, Bathory anguished most of the people  and killed up to 650 girls and young women in the castle in Cachtice. She was so called the meanest woman in history.

Elizabeth Bathory


evil women in history

She has been described as the most evil women in the history in all recorded history. Where fact lasts and starts in her dreadful story is now difficult to determine, but in her esteem as a legendary vampire she is out rivaled only by Count Dracula. Born in 1560, she was very well blessed with looks, wealth, plus good education and a well define position belonging to the Bathory family, who ruled Transylvania as a virtually individualistic principality within the kingdom of Hungary.

Elizabeth was very clever women she herself ran the estates, took various lovers and pierce her husband four children. She had played a role as a evil women in the history in her era,where no one can do anything against her dreadful activities.

Word was beginning to spread about her barbarous activities. It was said that the evil women in the history used to enjoyed distressing and killing young girls.She used to drink the blood of young girls and women.she was the evil women in the history because she was famous for cutting the pieces of people she often used to cut the arms, faces ,legs and breast of the women.In other sense we can say that her perception towards the life was very wrong she was unaware of what the actual meaning of the life is.She was thinking that drinking the blood will give her strength and preserves her more young and beautiful.

A Lutheran minister went to the Hungarian authorities, who eventually began an inspection in 1610. In December of that year She was apprehended and so were four of her dearest servants and close friends, who were accused of being her accessory. They were tried and found ashamed. Three of them were released and the fourth was penalize to life imprisonment.

The evil women in the history had not put on trials because she had strong family background but after the complete investigation she was arrested and put in the jail.where she had spend her remaining life and by this way the most evil women in the history died on 1614.

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